⋅in the red light district⋅


It goes without saying that the artists' expertise and artistic inspiration are of the utmost importance for the end result. For that reason, it's a very select group of artists working at The 3 Sins, who owe their quality to years of experience and a great love for the profession. Apart from being good all-rounders, these artists all have their own styles. Don't hesitate to ask what they are!


At The 3 Sins we tattoo customers of 16 years and up. So make sure you have a valid ID with you, because you may be asked to show it. For a quote on a price for a tattoo you have to drop by and the same goes for booking an appointment, this can't be done by phone. The reason for this is that the tattoo artist has to be able to have a proper look at the design, see if any changes need to be made and decide together with you what size it's going to be and where on the body it will be placed.

Apart from by appointment, we also take walk-ins!